Palmphi 1.01

C programming environment for Windows

Palmphi is a Windows desktop tool for visual design and PalmOS code generation. If you have ever wanted to write applications for your Palm OS PDA, this program could be the perfect place to start.

The main features are:

  • Visual design
  • Object inspector for controls and forms, like many visual IDEs (Delphi, Visual Basic,...).
  • Class browser with help, so you get instantly information about each method.
  • Code autocompletion, just type the name of an object and after pressing '.' you get all methods and properties for this object.
  • The programming language is C, but you can use some predefined objects.
  • The source code is preprocessed to allow a further level of abstraction, adding pseudo-objects that can be accessed through properties and methods.

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Palmphi 1.01

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